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TONI&GUY Feature: How to Choose a Cosmetology School

Choosing a cosmetology school will set the stage for your career and determine how ready you are to enter the world of hairdressing. This blog post will touch upon the key points to consider when selecting a school.

As an investment in your future, you will want to consider how your education will help you gain employment, reach your career goals, and be salon ready.



1. When selecting a cosmetology school it is important to check their gainful employment rates to see the percentage of their students that secure employment after graduation.

 At TONI&GUY we offer our graduates career services to help them find employment that suits them best. While we cannot guarantee job placement, TONI&GUY academies have impressive placement rates due to our high educational standards. Visit your location of interest at to view our individual school’s stats.

2. Another key point to consider is what area of hairdressing you would like to go into after graduation and select a school that will give you the tools to make it there.

 Whether that is behind the chair, editorial or runway TONI&GUY will prepare you for an endless opportunities career in hairdressing. We provide you with a unique experience more like working in a salon than attending a beauty school, customer service skills to help you grow your clientele and employ a “learn by doing” approach which means that you are trained in and execute your first haircut on a mannequin head on your second day in class.

3. When you graduate from a cosmetology program it is important that you feel prepared for today’s salon client.

At TONI&GUY, in addition to Cosmetology State Board preparation, you will be trained in the latest trends in cut and colour. Through our 15 classic cuts and 13 foundation chemical techniques you will be proficient in both cut and colour and be salon ready upon graduation.

At TONI&GUY we put our spotlight on our students to ensure every step of their cosmetology education generates the kind of excitement and passion that TONI&GUY has become known for after four decades in the industry. With an emphasis on career building, our programs don’t just produce highly skilled hairdressers; we produce entrepreneurs who are in control of their careers.

For more information on TONI&GUY and the endless opportunities of a career schedule a tour & connect with us on our social networks: Facebook, Twitter & Youtube

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