Beauty Breakdown: Harley Quinn Dip Dyed Hair

Naturally, we can’t help but find hair inspiration everywhere we look. And when we do, we just have to share it with the rest of the TONI&GUY family. So it only makes sense that the release of a movie like Suicide Squad with a character as iconic (and partial to bold hair colour choices) as Harley Quinn would spark some serious hair inspo. Luckily for all of us, colour expert and TONI&GUY Regional Creative Technical Director, Jared Smith has gifted us with a quick breakdown to help you achieve Harley Quinn’s signature look.

This look is possible to create on all hair colours, but is much easier to achieve and replicate exactly on blondes and those with lighter tones. For darker strands, a little prework is required to perfect this look.


Here are Jared’s tips to get the look:


Before starting with the bolder colours, globally lighten the hair (global bleach) to pale yellow and tone.


After drying the hair, choose where you would like the red and blue colours to start with a reference point on the face (i.e. cheek bone, lip line or jawline).


Create a profile part, sectioning the head of hair in half.


Starting on one of the segmented sections, twist and clip the opposite section to ensure colors stay separated.


With blue on the left side and red on the other, saturate the hair starting at your chosen reference point using a semi permanent color like Bed Head TIGI Colour Trip (Launching September 1st!).


Clip this newly coloured section anywhere above the dip dyed portion to secure it out of the way and repeat on the opposite side with the second colour.

Style your new colour in the signature Harley Quinn pigtails with coordinating coloured bands or go grungy glam and replicate her S-waves as seen in the newly released film. This style is perfect for those who want a bold style, die-hard Harley Quinn fans or those looking to get a head start on their very pop culturally relevant Halloween costumes.