The 5 Students You Meet in Cosmetology School

Every month students all over the country graduate from the TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy to become the best cosmetologist they can be. Many have found passion in different areas of the beauty industry, and others have gone on to influence their peers, co-workers and educators in the industry. 

When cosmetology students walk into our academies, they usually know they want to be a hairdresser. The journey to graduation is full of experiences, but the one thing that you may not anticipate doing is meeting so many new people. Our academies bring people together through education and hair. Here are just a few of the cosmetology students you might encounter while in school.  

The Trendsetter

TONI&GUY Student

 The Trendsetter is honest, ambitious and devoted. Usually, this cosmetology student is someone who naturally finds interest in trends, social media and the newest color technique or tools. Trendsetters want to be seen being creative, so they devote their time to earn their visibility. Trendsetters can do great things in session work and celebrity styling.

The Entrepreneur

TONI&GUY Student

 The Entrepreneur knows what they want when they come into the academy. These students are go-getters and business-minded with the ability to find opportunity in everything they do. Self-motivation helps push these students to their goals and dreams. An entrepreneur student finds interest in business operations, education and leadership. These students may go on to do things like owning a salon or opening their own beauty company.

The Artist

 The Artistic students love to turn work into their own. Academy Director, Anthony Garcia said, “Their favorite thing to say is ‘what if I make it my own.’” An artistic student is always questioning their work, in hopes to reach perfection. This student finds interest in Avant-Garde work as well as making their own rules.

The Hipster

TONI&GUY Student

The Hipster student needs to feel like they’re impacting their clients and those around them. They tie themselves to emotion because it keeps them focused. Their interests include the old school techniques and styling updos. A great career path for these individuals is barbering, taking the original technique and coming up with a newer look. 

The Second Career Student

This student is a great person to encounter in cosmetology school. They are wise, realistic and curious. They come with the knowledge they’ve brought from their previous experiences. Sometimes these students question everything because they seek the truth and reality of the industry. This student also works hard to find their passion because they desire to find happiness in their career. 

You will end up meeting a diverse group of people in our academies. Everyone is different, and everybody has a story. The one thing that keeps students connected is education, which goes a long way. Learn more about a cosmetology education and what it can do for you!

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