What It Takes to Be a Cosmetology Student

The TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy is a unique place to explore your creative career in hairdressing and beauty. With the help of academy directors, instructors and mentors you will have the opportunity to learn cut, color and beauty techniques to deliver the best services for clients.

Cosmetology school puts your skills to the test to help you prepare for your future. Do you have what it takes to be a great cosmetology student at TONI&GUY?

woman trimming hair


Respect for time is everything in cosmetology school. Your day to day life is based on classes and appointments with clients, and being on time to appointments and class is essential—it creates a routine for yourself. The time you dedicate to school determines your ability to be self-disciplined. Like any other school, it requires time to study, create projects and finish homework. 


Motivation to go to class and learn as much as you possibly can is what drives you to do the best while in school. Knowing why you want to be in cosmetology school is a great place to start. Set your goals before committing to better understand where you want to be at the end. Self-discipline drives you to your end goal.

Open Mind

Being open-minded to the possibilities of what you can do with your education helps you reach your goals. There is no wrong way, so don’t be afraid to make a mistake, this will allow you to learn from seeming missteps. Don’t forget everyone has a different way of learning; what will work for one person might not work for the other. Be open to constructive criticism as it’s an opportunity to learn something new. 

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Customer Service 

Communication is key. You’re face to face with clients up to four hours each day, depending on your schedule. Learn your clients needs through consultations, and connect with them the best you possibly can. Ask them what they want and do not want, but be able to present yourself confidently. Remember, sometimes you have to be a friend to your clients; if they feel comfortable with you, then that’s a great thing.  Grow your clientele by being genuine, sincere and good at what you do. 


The hustle is real! Don’t expect to go from zero to 100 too quickly, sometimes you have to work your way from the bottom up. Instructors notice hard work, which can sometimes outshine inherent talent. We can’t stress this enough: brand yourself. Social media understanding is key, and the best way for clients to see what you can do is on Instagram and other social platforms. Understand how you want your professional brand to be perceived, and experiment until you find your own aesthetic. Build your clientele by becoming a hairdresser a client can trust. Of course, stay ahead of the trends and keep up with industry news to stay relevant. 

woman stylist cutting hair

 At the TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy, we teach students how to create good habits and to look to the future and stay motivated. When you don’t grind, you don’t shine. Cosmetology school is for students ready to learn and find their passion in the different areas of hairdressing. Learn a little more about the programs we offer: