What to Know Before Your Beauty School Tour

Getting ready for beauty school is an exciting time! One of the most important decisions you’ll make at the start of your career is which beauty school you’ll attend. After you read about an academy online and look at its social media accounts, the next step is scheduling your tour.

What to Expect at Your Beauty School Tour

Touring a beauty school might feel overwhelming, but once you learn what to expect you’ll see it’s not hard at all! It won’t be a stressful event like a job interview. It’s a time for you to see the school, ask your questions, and see if you can picture yourself as a student there.

Scheduling Your Beauty School Tour

First things first, you will need to schedule your tour. At TONI&GUY academies, our admissions team members love giving tours! You can call the school to schedule your tour, but it can also be as simple as filling out a form online. After you fill out the form you can expect to get an email inviting you to schedule your tour!

What to Bring on Your Beauty School Tour

As you prepare for your tour, you might be wondering what to bring. Your tour won’t take a ton of time, and it will be very low-pressure. Even if you showed up with nothing but yourself you would still be all set for a great tour! If you’re not sure what to bring, we have a few recommendations.

A Friend or Family Member

Your tour is a big step, and it’s a perfect time for a member of your support system to be there for you! Your relative or friend will be able to help you relax, hype you up, and even ask questions you might not have thought about. They’ll have your back not just during the tour but also during your time at school!

Notes with Questions to Ask

As you get ready for your tour, take some notes on what questions you’d like to ask about. Bring those notes with you either in a notebook or just on your phone. Having notes with you will help you make sure you get all of your important questions answered. It’s also a good idea to take notes during your tour so you can remember the answers to your questions! Of course, if you did forget to ask about something an admissions team member would be happy to answer your questions later.
instructor teaching student to style hair

Questions to Ask

We recommended you write down some questions to ask, but what if you aren’t sure what to ask about? Everyone has their own unique plans and goals, so the questions you ask will probably be a little different than the questions another student would ask. Even so, there are a few questions that most future beauty school students will want to ask before enrolling in school.


While you’re attending beauty school, you will be spending a lot of your time there! It’s important to make sure you’re in a positive environment where you can learn and grow. On your tour, pay attention to how the instructors and students interact with each other, and how you feel while you’re there. If you feel excited and happy to be there, you’ll likely fit right in with the school’s culture.

Some questions to ask about culture:

  1. What is a typical day in the life of a student?
  2. What are the school’s values or mission statement?
  3. Why do your students love studying beauty here?
  4. What competitions or activities can students participate in?


student practicing on mannequin

Your beauty school will teach you the basics of cosmetology, esthiology, or barbering. This is your chance to build the foundation for a successful career! It’s important to choose a school with a commitment to artistry and technique. At TONI&GUY, we have a 50-year history of preparing students to become total concept hairdressers.

You could ask questions like this to learn more about a school’s curriculum:

  1. What skills do students learn in their program?
  2. What are the different phases of the program?
  3. What class scheduling options are available?
  4. Do instructors stay up to date with modern techniques and trends?

Financial Aid

It’s important to make sure your beauty school offers financial aid or assistance to those who qualify. Here at TONI&GUY we offer financial aid, including federal aid and educational benefits for veterans. We also have financial aid administrators at our academies! They are eager and ready to help you fill out your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA®️) so that applying for aid can be a painless experience.

To learn more about financial aid, you could ask these questions on your tour:

  1. Do you offer federal financial aid?
  2. Do you have any payment plans available?
  3. Who is available to help me during the application process?

Start Your Future in Beauty

Now that you know what to bring and what questions to ask on your tour, it’s time to take the first step! At each TONI&GUY academy, we love giving tours and helping people open the doors that lead toward a future in beauty. Contact your nearest TONI&GUY academy to schedule your no-stress tour!