House of DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS)

Every year DIFFA (Design Industries Foundation Fighting AIDS) hosts multiple events to raise funds for their education programs, treatment, and direct care services. House of Diffa, one of their biggest events, took place this year at the Omni Hotel in Dallas, Tx.

diffa team    diffa model

This extraordinary fashion experience provides an exciting mix of philanthropy, theatrics and DIFFA/Dallas’ legendary runway production for close to 2,000 Patrons enabling grants for HIV/AIDS service organizations in North Texas.

Our TONI&GUY Dallas Art Team volunteered to help out with the hair backstage for the show. They provided looks for 3 different retailers including Forty-Five Ten, Traffic, TEN OVER SIX, along with many other looks for the ALTER EGO THEMED SHOW.

diffa model group   model line up

three diffa models

The inspiration behind the theme of the event was to “shine a light on the hidden half of our personality that helps bring the extraordinary to all of us. Our Alter Ego is what gives us strength when all else fails and our ultimate resort in times of extreme circumstances. This show will celebrate the other self in all of us, our Alter Ego,” said Lee Borchert and Tim Garippa, this year’s event co-chairman.

Local Dallas Hairdressers, Stylists, Makeup Artists all volunteered their time to make this event a success. A large majority of this event is produced by volunteers along with RSC Show Productions. Backstage was a fast pace, exciting, interactive, setting. Models everywhere being fitted while dancers and performers were warming up for their acts. 

dallas hair stylist  diffa hair stylist

diffa model and makeup   diffa up close model and makeup

TONI&GUY is honored to be part of this community event. Stylists gain crucial backstage experience in regards to working fashion shows/charity events and working with a large number of models and hairdressers from everywhere. Here at TONI&GUY we heavily focus on community outreach and making an impact on the community in which we reside. Being a part of DIFFA helps our stylist connect with the hairdressing and fashion community all while working towards a great cause!