Mod Men's Haircut Tutorial for Medium Length Hair


For decades, TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy in Costa Mesa has been bringing about innovations in hairstyles for men. With a league of extraordinary instructors and cosmetology students, they have been proving that men’s hairstyles don’t always have to be simple or boring. The team at TONI&GUY Hairdressing Academy always manages to come up with creative and stunning styles for all hair types and length.


In this tutorial, one of the most talented Educators at Costa Mesa Hairdressing Academy shows a quick and creative hairstyle for medium hair length. It is a style appropriate for work, school and even for parties! As a hairstylist, you can add a lot more texture to your client’s hair and give them exactly what they are looking for with a few simple techniques.

Here is a step-by-step tutorial by our expert.

1. Start with a horseshoe parting; make sure it is clean and balanced

2. At the center back, create a vertical guideline. Elevate the section perpendicular to the head to cut square. Repeat the same steps with a traveling guide until all hair has been cut below horseshoe.

3. Release the horseshoe section and divide with a profile parting. Comb to natural fall. Elevate to 45 degrees to point cut all the way from the back to the front hairline using the hair length from below the horseshoe as a guide. Repeat the same steps on the opposite side while making sure that the length is balanced on both sides. When point cutting the front, keep it square to add a slight disconnection.

4. Now brush as you blow dry and bring hair to the front. Detail the perimeter by point cutting the edges. Fold the ear with your thumb to easily cut around the ear line.

5. Now take a horizontal section at the crown. Hold it perpendicular to the head and use the slicing and channel cutting techniques to personalize the look to suit the individual. To determine the best shape, take your client’s preferences, hair texture, and face shape into account.

6. Use your fingers to finish the final look with a styling product.

Simple yet stylish, this is a modern hairstyle that will look equally good on men of all ages. However, without having an understanding of basic techniques such as channel cutting and point cutting, it is quite difficult to pull off any hairstyle with such precision. The best thing about this hairstyle is that there is plenty of room for experimenting – as a stylist, you can easily spice up the look for people who want something more fun.

If you desire a career in cosmetology and hairdressing, keep experimenting with such styles on your own!