TREND ALERT: The "New Shag" is Defining Summer Style

The ultimate effortlessly cool girl style also happens to be the hottest upcoming hair trend of the season. The “New Shag” is making waves (literally) from runway to street style, not to mention it’s been popping up all over social media and on the heads of some of the your favorite celebrities.

This retro look is low maintenance and suited for every hair type and texture, so it’s no wonder that it’s well on its way to sweeping the fashion and beauty scene. It puts a new twist on the shag styles of the past, with softer layers and a more feminine allover look. Plus, it’s perfect for growing out that bob you’ve been rocking all spring!

To achieve this modern take on a ‘70s throwback style, texture is key. It’s all about embracing the natural texture of the hair and tailoring the length to each individual client. Although the go-to length typically falls between the collarbone and chest, this style works just as well with a longer or shorter cut.

The fringe is really the focal point of this style and should be cut so that it is just grazing the eyebrow along the front and taper slightly longer on the sides. Like the length, the layers should be tailored to the client’s particular hair type and texture. For wavy or curly hair, the layers can be cut shorter, falling approximately at the eye level. For straight or very fine hair, the shortest layer should fall at about mouth level.

To style this ultra-trendy cut for everyday wear, work with the natural texture of the hair, concentrating on body and movement with the most body focused at the mid-shaft. Start with clean, towel-dried hair and detangle completely. Then scrunch a golf ball-sized dollop of soft-hold mousse into the hair, evenly distributing the mousse and molding the hair into its natural shape as you work in the product.

From there, you can either allow the style to air-dry or use a diffuser to dry it in sections. To dry with a diffuser, use the lowest speed and the highest heat setting and blow dry from the bottom, molding the hair with your hands first and then cupping the section in the diffuser, scrunching as you go until the length of the hair is almost completely dry. It’s okay if roots are still on the damper side.

Next, set the hair in rollers to add a bit of smoothness and extra volume. Use small rollers for very thin or straight hair, or medium-width rollers for wavy or curly hair. Using the rollers, set your fringe going forward, and use two rollers for equally sized sections along the crown rolling backward and allow to dry and cool completely.

Once you've pulled out the rollers, use your fingers to comb the hair into place. Then use hairspray for hold and a texture or salt spray for added movement. Scrunch the hair one last time. If it still does not have the desired volume or wave, use a wand to add definition and extra shape.

The end result is a rocker chic style that looks totally effortless and is perfect for that carefree summer style!

To keep up this look and keep your locks in top shape, give the fringe a trim every few weeks and schedule a maintenance cut every 3 months.